Spark & Shred


The Spark & Shred is a lightweight, waterproof fire starter that works when you need it.

See how it works.



  • 1 – Spark Rod 1 – Shredder/Scraper
  • 1 – Carry Cord 1 – Snap Hook
  • 1 – Fire Cube


Jeremiah Drygulch says:

“I’ll Eat when I’m Hungry,
I’ll Drink when I’m Dry
If a Tree don’t Fall on me
I’ll Live ‘til I Die”

Now, that’s not going to help much in the Fire Starting Business. But Great Wilderness Words of Wisdom are always welcome.

Do it Like This
You hold in your hand the World’s Finest Complete Sparking & Tinder Producing system.
Completely Waterproof.
Use Snap Hook to attach to Belt Loop or D-Ring.

Scrape the Serrated Edge on one of Jeremiah’s Fire Cubes (Sample Enclosed).
Pull Toward Yourself, Up and at an Angle, giving you Large Amounts of Fluffy Tinder.
Or Use your Own Best Stroke.
Creates Tinder by scraping on Wood & Twigs also.

Hold the Spark Rod Tip Slightly above the Tinder you wish to Ignite.
Place the Scraper on Top of the Rod – Nearest the Handle. Hold Steady.
Pull Rod Up and Away from the Scraper and Tinder.
Use Scraping Motion.

Awesome Sparks will Fall Onto Your tinder.
If Possible, Rest Scraper Hand On Solid Object.
Scraping with the Serrated Edge Gives Way More Awesome Sparks, although the Spark Rod wears faster.

When the spark Rod gets Wet, Simply Wipe it Off.
Then scrape down the entire rod with the smooth side of the scraper (wiping rod and scraper as you go), removing a slight film that collects in the wet rod.

Many Great Outdoorsman can thank the Spark & Shred for his life (or at least a Good Meal).

Additional information

Weight1 lbs

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