A few tips to help you with your Spark and Shred.

  1. The first time you use your ferro striker you will need to remove the black protective coating. This can be done simply by scrapping the smooth edge of the blade against the striker until the striker is shiny.
  2. You can use either edge of the blade against the striker (although using the serrated edge will probably cause it wear out faster).
  3. It doesn’t take much fluffy tinder to get your fire started. In a pinch you can start the entire cube on fire (once you’ve lit some tinder) and it will burn for 7-10 minutes giving you plenty of time to start your fire.
  4. Practice using your fire starter so if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, you’ll feel confident using it. Always be safe when using any fire starting tool. Kids don’t play with fire! It is not a toy and only be used under adult supervision!!!
  5. Check out this simple video submitted by a loyal Spark and Shred user.