Fire Cubes


Yes, the big explosion you get from pouring gas on a fire is fun but… we are all about safety.

The Jeremiah Drygulch Fire Cubes will start any fire, wet or dry.

See how they work!

Contents: 8 Cubes Less than 1/2 ounce each

Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste



Jeremiah Drygulch says:
After years of poking around and always interested in Fire Starting methods, I found this Amazing Cube. Now I might be an Old Back Woods Mountain man, But I really Appreciate these Environmentally Safe Cubes.

They even Comply with the California South Coast Air Quality Rule 1174. They work very well and Don’t Hurt the Great Outdoors One Little Hoot.

Non Toxic

Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste.

Of course they Match Light. But I much prefer the Spark & Shred system.
Just Scrape the Serrated Edge on the cube for a Few Seconds.
Pull Towards Yourself, Up and at an Angle. Then Let Loose some of those Awesome Sparks.
Always works.
Wet or Dry.
On cold days or warm.
Store Cubes Near Body to Warm for even Easier Use.

Each Cube Burns 10 minutes.
Use as Heat Source for Jeremiah’s Pack Stove or your own Small Stove.
Build Temporary Stove from Rocks or Branches.
Concentrates Heat Right Where You Need It.

Easily gets that Fire going for Emergency Heat, Protection, or Signaling.

Made in the USA