It all started with a little boy named Kenny Lee. In the early 60’s he  spent all of his free  time with his father- a tool designer- making and use anything that could be used outdoors.

Ever since the team has been camping, racing, testing and developing camping products and off-road safety kits. We have raced from northern States to the southern most parts of Mexico.

We are now in our forth generation of camping and racing.All of us at race401 have a big interest in going fast and riding as many places as possible. All done with safety in mind. If you can crash it we have crashed it. If you can fix it we have fixed it. We personally use every product we sell!

You have most likely seen our First Aid kits in ambulances and around many of the racing circuits, from asphalt to dirt. Now you, the off road enthusiast, have the opportunity to buy some of our time tested and proven products for your self.

Please feel free to contact a race401 team member anytime.