Stove In A Can

stove in a can


Stove in a Can

Included With Your Stove
  • Stove
  • Instructions
  • 4 Fuel Cells
  • Cooking Ring
  • Fuel Ring
  • Cooking Lid
  • Waterproof Matches


  • Boils water rapidly
  • 4-5 hours of cooking time
  • Uses a safe fuel sources that can be stored indoors… indefinitely
  • Fuel disc can be light, used, put out and re-used

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Product Description

Stove In A Can is an all-in-one stove that is perfect for cooking or for use as a heat source in recreational or emergency situations. Stove In A Can is lightweight, durable, reliable and weatherproof, and is a great for emergency heat in the chase truck or perfect for  backpacking, hiking or any outdoor adventure! With the Stove In A Can so you can start cooking right away. It is also perfect for food storage or a bug out bag.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique and patented all-in-one cooking platform boils water in a covered pot in about 5 minutes after fully ignited and cooks for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Uses a safe, water-resistant, non-explosive solid fuel source that can be stored inside indefinitely.
  • Perfect for racing,hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, food storage, emergency and survival, bug-out kits
  • Simpler, sturdier, more weatherproof, and more durable than traditional propane or canister stoves.
  • Hot enough to boil water quickly
  • Because the Stove In A Can is not an "open pit" fire, it can often be used where campfires are not permitted.
  • Works well in windy and rainy conditions.
  • Fuel cells can be partially burned, extinguished (with the lid) and easily re-lit.
  • Fuel cells will light even after being submersed in water for several days and can serve as fire starters in extreme weather conditions.
  • Fuel disc never go bad .
  • Fuel disc cant spill.

Set Up And Instructions

  • Remove lid from atop the stove. Remove fuel cells, cooking ring, fuel ring, matches, and any other materials from inside the stove. Handle metal objects with care as they may have sharp edges.
  • Bend the fuel ring into a coiled shape and place in the bottom of the stove.
  • Place fuel cell on the fuel ring inside the stove.
  • Place cooking ring in groove on top of stove.
  • (Optional) Turn stove lid upside down and place on top of cooking ring. The groove in the lid should fit securely onto the cooking ring. Pans may be placed directly on the cooking ring without the lid for more direct heat.
  • Lighting: Ignite one fuel cell by placing it in the stove and lifting a portion of the pleated wrapping. Then use a match to light the paper. You can also light a fuel cell without the wrapper by crumbling a small piece of   it on top while the fuel cell is in the stove. Then use a match to light crumbled pieces.
  • To Extinguish: The flame can be extinguished at any time by removing the cooking ring and placing the lid back on the stove to snuff it out.

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in


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